Final Piece Diary

Tuesday 10th May-

Today I started on my dress I firstly started by ripping out a few pages of a magazine as this paper was stronger to make the base of my dress I will then be going over this with newspaper. I firstly started by folding this magazine paper and then pinning it to my dress. I created the bust part of the dress and little below as after pinning this up and leaving a gap between the back of the dress I un-pinned part of the start of the dress and started sewing up the dress with the cream thread. Sewing it was very difficult as it easily started tearing if you wasn’t gentle enough or if the stitching wasn’t right as you had to use different stitches for different parts of the dress because of the shape of the patches I had on the dress and then the curves of the mannequin as I created a dress that was a tight fit to the mannequin.

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Wednesday 11th May-

I started on the sewing again after I didn’t get the rest of it finished and then started on the rest of the dress by pinning it together and then tried to sew it but this didn’t work very well because the pinned paper kept ripping which meant I sewed everything that was available to sew like everything that was being supported by the mannequin I then got PVA glue and glued the rest of the dress together making the dress slightly longer however the dress got very wet dew to the PVA glue and I had to leave it to dry.

Thursday 12th May-

Today I went back to my dress it had dried and then sewed into the dress to make sure that it didn’t collapse in when I layered up my dress on Friday. I only sewed a few parts of the dress today, some parts of the dress ripped slightly but not as much dew to the PVA glue thickening the dress up and then after sewing up the necessary parts of the dress, I left it for tomorrow where I have decided to layer up the magazines.

Friday 13th May-

Firstly I covered the dress in PVA glue  and then put another layer of paper on the dress and created a thicker lining. After this slightly dried I then covered it in PVA glue again and started to add to the bottom of the dress to which I will then extend to create the mermaid dress.

The dress started to collapse inwards dew to me applying to much PVA glue I used so I decided to sew which stopped it from collapsing inwards however it started rip dew to me piercing the paper and it still be wet from the glue.I then placed a few piece of magazine paper on the dress and tried to fold it hoping this would be thicker and it would make it a bit sturdier which it seemed to do.

I glued/sewed the material together and created a full length dress with this as I reached the bottom of the mannequin stand and then I left this to dry just so it wouldn’t collapse in or rip anymore.

Whilst I left this to dry over the weekend I discussed with Barry my tutor what he would recommend to bring the skirt out and he recommended making a hoop like which are used in wedding dresses if I want to have a skirt which goes outwards quite a but to have my sculpture quite abstract like Alexander McQueens work.

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Monday 16th May-

When I came back to my dress after it had dried over the weekend after being painted in PVA glue. I realised that my dress had taken a different shape dew to the fact that the mannequin I have my dress on is slightly broken and has made the dress dry slightly bent which has changed the shape of my dress. I solved this problem by creating creases in my dress and folds and glued these together to get my smooth dress back and I glued this together and lapped it over with magazine paper to make sure it stuck together.

I also had to fold the back of the dress upwards dew to the majority of the paper being brought to the front of the dress dew to it being brought forward when it dried. I then put paper over this covered in PVA glue as a protection layer to make sure it stuck after gluing the folds together.

When everything was stuck together I then decided to add more to the bottom of the dress to add to the length of the dress and then I created a train at the back as the mermaid dress design had to go out the window dew to the fact that it dried weirdly because of the mannequin breaking. I then went for a design with a train and it slightly comes out with the dress and has a slight mermaid dress look to it however the mermaid dress isn’t as exaggerated as I wanted it to be.

What went well today is that I finished the base of my dress and only had to wait for it to dry and then I am able to apply my hand made flowers onto the dress to finnish it off. What went wrong today is that the dress was wrong however I fixed it by changing my design of the dress which also means the flower idea would have to change which I will do tomorrow.

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Tuesday 17th May-

Today I firstly checked if my dress was still in the same shape as I left it dew to the mannequin being slightly broken which it was, so I then started to design my flowers. I made these flowers by getting plenty of magazines and then getting a medium sized paint pot and cut these circles out. I then cut into these circles creating a spiral effect and wound these up by going from the outside in. I then got the glue gun and glued the sides together and then glued this on the top of my dress where I started with the dress. I also glued the back of the dress together as I was thinking about creating a corset type dress but I realised how long the flowers took to make and realised I wouldn’t have enough time to create a kind of corset back and just stuck them together.

I am planning on creating enough flowers and then covering the whole dress in flowers as I think it will look interesting and very appealing which is another change to the dress and also because I don’t like the magazine paper lay out as when I covered the dress in paper again to hid the creases and keep them stuck together as I had created the dress in a specific way to like the patches on the dress which I don’t like anymore and the dress is covered with bubbles because of the PVA glue drying on it as I didn’t mix it with water and left the PVA glue which is very thick to dry so covering this with flowers would hide the creases, bubbles and patches on the dress.

After a few hours I decided to start creating my flowers in bunch and put them in a plastic bag and after creating so many I started to put them on the train of the dress as I thought if I didn’t get enough done it would look better if the train was finished as I didn’t like the look of it without flowers. I got a small patch of the train done and then did a few lines around the boost.

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Wednesday 18th May-

Today I went back to creating mass production with my flowers I created half a bag full of flowers and then went to sticking them down. I soon realised I won’t get the train finished at the width it was at so I cut it around the edges and then stuck the patch on with the flowers and just made the train shorter as the flowers were taking a massive amount of time. I then got half of the train done after staying in college till 8pm. I then stayed up till early morning creating a carrier bag of flowers when I got home to stick on my dress tomorrow.

Thursday 19th May-

Today I stuck all the flowers I had made on the dress around the trail which took nearly all day and then created a few more flower after I hadn’t finished the whole trail, today I finished the train and then went home to create a few more flowers for Friday.

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Friday 20th May-

Today I started to build up on the dress thinking how far they will go up on the dress as I know I wouldn’t have enough time to build up flowers through the whole dress so I decided to go up a few centimeters before dispersing the flowers and creating a kinf od fading effect on the dress which I did design for my original design. I also decided against painting the flowers as I have changed my mind on using newspaper and am just using recyclable magazine paper which contains a lot of colour so the flowers are very colourful and I don’t have enough time to paint the flowers slightly.

I also covered my dress in the hot glue gun glue because after sticking the roses down you get extra glue that attaches itself to the hot glue gun and it kind of leaves a cobweb effect on the roses which I decided to leave on and give it a spiderweb look dew to roses getting spiderwebs on them and I am then re-using the glue however someone came along and thought it wasn’t meant to be there and took it off so this effect will either get finished on Monday or I will have to take it all off as only half of it is on the train now.

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I am happy with my dress as even though I had a few obstacles through out the production of my dress like having to change the design of my dress having to rush with the flowers and not being able to create the whole dress in flowers, but these changes have slightly developed my dress as I love the look the look of my train with the flowers on it which I wouldn’t I have created if my dress hadn’t dried incorrectly.

I also think now that if I had worked out my time and covered my dress in flowers it probably would have looked very crowded  and there might have been too much on the dress so in the end I am happy with the result especially with how much time went into the flowers. During making my flowers I decided I had also progressed and developed in being patient as the amount of time it took to make the same continuous thing was very boring and not very exciting until you put them on the dress and realised how the dress was getting along.

With my dress I also didn’t go through it with newspaper, one of the reasons I didn’t have any recycled newspaper but at college there were plenty of magazines. I didn’t organise enough time to layer over the dress a few more times.

If I had to redo my dress again I would definitely plan my timing better, use a better mannequin so I wouldn’t have to spend a full day sorting out what went wrong when I could have been progressing in my flowers production. Plan ahead think what may go wrong with the production of it before I start and create a few designs of what I will do with the dress if such a thing goes wrong so I have planning ahead when things go wrong so I am not just creating a dress as I go along and I have had planning behind it.



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