During the 7 weeks I aimed to produce all the letters of the alphabet in different fonts, sizes and using different media. We were asked to complete all the letters of the alphabet and to then create our own little alphabet book with them. I approached this project by creating different letters in a random order and picking the letter that most fitted the subject at that moment in time, I also approached this with the mind frame of using different materials, media, techniques and textures within my work and hopefully to get a more successful result than with my self project.

I was looking  forward to this project as I could basically with the 13 letters left create the kind of letters I wanted, in a style that I felt more comfortable with which I did I explored different aspects of the subject and found new techniques I enjoy using and will use in the future and then old techniques that I enhanced on and tried to make better. I was also looking forward to experimenting with different media’s and looking at new artists that I hadn’t looked at before. Within this new project I wanted to develop better time management skills and try and get dead lines met and not be doing a lot of the work at the end of the project at night.

Summary of Research-

Within my project I did used some photography as it inspired some of my pieces of work and helped me form the shape of some of the work which included the curves and formations of leaves and trees. It is important to get your own research found as this can open your eyes to new techniques that you hadn’t thought originally about using it, for example most of the artists that inspired me the most were found outside of class as these artists where art pieces I have looked at before maybe and as my skills have developed throughout the project I’ve looked at artists I’m fond of or are comfortable with styling my work in their style and just making it better because my skills have adapted. The artists that inspired me are called Thu May Tit, The Book of Cells and The book of Hours, these artists inspired me by helping me create my favourite pieces of work that have got the best compositions, the most amount of detail and work I’m happy to say I’m proud of. The artists inspired me as the books were historical factors and I love history so the detail and nature look to these pieces inspired me and the fantasy look as well also inspired me as I like fantasy and fairytale pieces of work, Thu May Tits work inspired me by using my nature work and creating that into a block colour and it was very simple to draw however the end result looks amazing and very detailed especially if we will be minimising it.

There are clear links between mine and the artists work for example Thu May Tits work I have used a naked female body, the curved lines and nature bases to form a letter like the artist did. The Book of Hours has clear links as I’ve included the curved lines of the branches and only a little bright colour within my work, I’ve included a lot of detail like the artists did. With The Book of Cells I have used Keltic knots, dragons that present vikings and the crosses from the viking era that is meant to be a T. For research I mainly used the internet as it’s the only source I have practically available to me however I used different kind of things on the internet for example youtube videos, wording, GIF’s and images.

Experimentation and development-

I took part in stitching workshops, lasercutting workshops, wire workshop, quilling workshop, animation workshop. I learnt new skills like sewing, quilling, animation and I developed my drawing skills and sewing skills. What went wrong was I burnt myself when I was creating some of the art pieces, sometimes I didn’t like the composition, with the wire workshop I really struggled to construct a letter as wire work isn’t my strongest point and doing sculptures of letters isn’t my strongest point either and I struggled quite a bit with that as I have a low patience and get bored easily. I moved forward from these errors by realising where I had gone wrong and asking for advice on where to go with them or trying again and seeing what the drawing may look if the composition was different, I experimented.  The workshop I enjoyed the most was the sewing workshop I found this relaxing and I enjoyed sewing and then this developing on to make my own sewn letter I enjoyed making that as well. Sewing is one of my stronger points and in the workshop I learnt new skills and developed old ones.


I think I met all the deadlines, or I tried to at the very best. I most enjoyed seeing the end result of some of my drawings and I enjoyed the sewing. I don’t think I managed my time as well as I could have as I did struggle with some of the timing and some of the pieces of work I did took longer than expected. Outside of class I got easily distracted and don’t think I managed my time as well either however I probably managed it better than on the last project and as I was late for some of the lessons I was a bit confused on where I stood with some of the work and missed some of the artists.

If I had to re-do this project I would re-do it by maybe doing more drawings manage my time better and make sure my pieces of work didn’t take as long as some of the pieces have taken and when given the work do it that night If I can or try and complete it in class. Where I see my work progressing at this point is that I’ve found some of my strengths and weaknesses within my work and I think I will try and develop on these strengths to get them stronger and re-use them in up coming projects and then with my weaker spots either develop further into them and try and become better through practice or try and avoid using them or approach the style of work in a different way to help me succeed more.

On the next project I will manage my time better, try and make sure some of my work isn’t as lengthy as it has been within this project and try and get more drawings involved as I enjoy drawing especially on this project and I wish I had done more drawings within the project as I love the development of a drawing and the end piece.



Letter G

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I looked at Thu May Tit’s work and I did this in my own style with the use of nature and swirls and I made this into a black and white contrasting image, I thought this may make the women wither blend into the background or stand out from the background.

I like the drawings that I’ve done in Thu May Tits work I think there fluent and curvy and have a relaxing look to them and they are at A3 scale know and when making it to A5 size I think the detail will look amazing as it’s all been minimised.

I would probably use this in the future as it’s again a tattoo look with it and if I ever went into the tattoo industry this kind of work may look very good as a tattoo or work in this style.

Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth Berrien is an American artist, works with wire in 2D and 3D formats. She is a world class sculpture and illustrator and has been doing this for over 40 years. She has worked for major clients including BBDD,BBC,Motorola and Disney World.

My first impression of Berrien is that she uses wire and entangles the pieces together to form a object in either 2D or 3D, it’s like a continous line drawing. Her work makes me feel as if i’m looking at the veins on the subject of her work for example the red wire used on the T-Rex reminds me of veins and muscle tissue and the look of it, which then makes you look at the other pieces of work and you see the veins running around their body system as if she’s just brought something to life.

My favourite piece of work i the unicorn it has a magical, unbelievable look to it, the wire makes it look as if it’s moving with a blur and there’s an essence coming off the unicorn.

In the work Berrien is looking at metal work and transforming it into something beautiful and alive so it’s not just cold wire anymore. Most of her work is still life, or portraits of people and animals. Her work is abstract and modern, the story behind the artist looks lie she looks at the coating or the veins flowing through the work and looks at what brings that object to life and she then constructs that through wire.

The artist has provoked the different feelings and images in these pieces of work by using wire and giving it a messy drawing look dew to the brittle edges of the wire.

She uses a mixture of lines including dominant, strong, thin ,thick , curved, sharp edges, broken and very structural. Her work has a constructed look to it and the flat 2D pieces of work look like constructed continous line drawings. The texture of her work is probably got a brittle, rough texture to it, this is because of the way she uses her wire and as wire is quite a rough brittle object but also has a smoothness to it until you start adding them together and twisting the wire to make different shapes and different lines.

The way she structured her work includes using the thick wire to construct the actual shape and the thin smaller wire which is more bendy to secure the wire together which makes it sturdy and strong.

The colour is usually a black/silver colour due to the colour of the wire however she also experiments with white/silver and red etc. Your eye is led in her work by the movement of the wire, the theme of the work is mainly animals, but also people this is because animals take a huge inspiration in her work.

I love this artist I think her work has a lovely look to it and feeling, you have to have a lot of patience to create work with wire I think as it’s difficult to bend and structure the piece. I think er work is effective as you can see it fro different views an look at it in different ways.




Jennifer Collier

My first impression of this artists work is that she uses recycled material like maps and newspaper. What captures my attention is the bland colours used by using newspapers, postcards and maps. She sculptures different still life objects out of card and paper. What captures my attention is how she sculptures these objects, and uses collages of different objects with these materials, it looks like she uses re-used materials with different newspapers and things and this gives her sculptures a historical look to it.

The work has a realistic/abstract look to it, realistic by the sculpture is very realistic however it being made out of paper and card and different re-used materials has a quite abstract look to it. It is a modern art piece however has a historical old look to it dew to the newspapers and maps.

The story in my eyes shows memories within different objects for example how objects can keep memories stored and within each postcard, newspaper and map. This is what I see when I see this artists work.

it probably has a quite smooth texture to it, it’s very detailed, and your eye is captured dew to the rhythm and movement of the material used on the objects.

I like this artists work I think it is, it makes me feel happy as I think how those objects are relevant to me and how the material makes me think of re-used material and how different things store different memories. I like the objects she has sculptured, the materials she has used and as it makes me feel emotions and it reminds me of different memories it makes the work better as I like meanings and things behind different pieces of art work.



Sean Freeman

My first impression of his work is that he uses materials to create letters and each material is relevant to the words he is using within his typography piece. What captures my attention is the plain colours how he usually involves black in his pieces and most of his work is black and white. This work brings to mind different products smashed, spread, dripped, broken, just normal things you would find around the house.

Typography is the main subject of the photo, he also uses photography, within the foreground/background the he has a plain black background that is fill coloured, in the pictures above he has mainly just used for his background.

His work is modern, contemporary, and abstract. I think the story behind his work is that when he uses a specific typography quote the material used then is expressed through the material chosen for the typography.

His work varies from smooth, rough, soft, sharp different textures, his work is usually in the middle of the page and is then expressed outwards, the subject of the photo is then spread outwards on the photo. Your eye is led by the materials within the typography and then led to the letters, like rhythm and movement of the typography.

I like this artists work as I like how the materials are used to express the typography and how they are used. I don’t think the work does possess a high technical skill as we successfully completed a letter with flour and it wasn’t too difficult. I think his work is very effective as what he is trying to show the audience is shown in two different way through the material used and the typography used.



Letter M in wire

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My first plan was to create a straight lined letter W with detail in the middle, however I really struggled with the making of the letter wire as I didn’t have the patience to create this wire letter so instead I moved the wire slightly and formed a M by just connecting these wires together.

After creating the wire letter with silver thick wire, which wasn’t very bendy I put it on white card however it was quite dull which I didn’t like and as there wasn’t much detail to the wire I thought a bright red card piece was better as it brought some colour and vibrance to the piece.

I then sewed the letter to the card as the wire was to strong to stick down with glue so I sewed the wire down to paper with thread and a needle with white thread, I used thin thread to make it less noticeable.

I won’t be re-using this method as I hate using wire I didn’t like how patient and structural it had to be, I also don’t like planning for letters I prefer to ‘wing-it’, this letter got me stressed out and I didn’t like creating it with bending the wire and having to use the tools, I prefer drawing as I feel more in control as i can control which shape the drawing is going to be with wire you have limits.







Letter V in the style of Craig Ward


I burned away the letter V like Craig Ward did but I avoided using the present fire as firstly I ripped through the card with my thumb to make an outline shape then I got a lighter and slightly burnt away the edges to give it that burnt look.

I firstly couldn’t decide on red card to give it that fire burnt look or black card to give it a dark look. I’m putting card underneath as I thought it looked to simple on it’s own and the V needs a background to it. I decided on black card as I think the red card will drown out the V and be to bright for the subject of the art piece.

I enjoyed the process of this, I enjoy the look of burnt paper, it has an old fashioned result to it, but also has a modern look to it. The rustic, burnt edges are brought out by the black card and if I re-did this maybe I’d burn the black paper and have white underneath it or dye the white paper tea coloured.