In this project we had to create a time-based problem, we did this by creating a twenty second ident. I aimed to learn through these 7 weeks of the project about how to use the editing software after we have finished filming, I wanted to learn how to use the green screen and how to edit this is the software, how to develop my photoshop and lightroom skills and develop my drawing and photography skills. We were asked in our brief to create a time-based problem, we where given an ident to do and this had to last twenty seconds. I wanted to also develop my time managment and independence skills within this project.

Summary of research-

We used films, movie trailers, books, youtube videos, and a questionnaire for research within our project. The film that inspired me the most was Women in Black and the Seasons and episodes of American Horror Story. The youtube videos helped us research into how to draw figures, and faces, perspective drawing, drawing hands and how to work the different software and how to do specific things on it. The books helped us with research on filming and the editing and filming in stop motion. The questionnaire helped us some up ideas for our ident and decide what we finally want within our ident final outcome. I also researched into the history of perspective as it interested me how it started and where it came from, and I researched into the history of idents and looked at how they had changed through the year and what idents look like for different channels, we mainly researched the horror channel idents to see what they created and how we can maybe use some of their ideas into ours. It’s important to find your own research and make your own photographs as this will develop your skills within it, you may also come up with more ideas through making photos and researching which can improve your final outcome.

Experimentation and development-

It was important to use drawing to design before we started our practical work so we could put down our ideas and think if there is anything we could do to develop our ideas and have them planned out so we know what materials and equipment will be needed to be used on your practical work and so you have everything you need to do in front of you so you don’t need to worry about forgetting steps and if things go wrong we can simply try and get over that and get back on path with our plan it also helps to see what we change through the development.

Our drawing to design helped us picture what our 3D Fabrication would look like as we had to draw skeleton of hands which helped to get the structure of the hand and then we could then model it from then without the drawings we wouldn’t have been able to do the measurements and shape of the structure. With our drawing we created the sculpture of our 3D Fabrication then sculpted it and then painted it the drawings where the beginning of the process and we wouldn’t have a finished product without it.

The importance of a script, screenplay and schedule is it gives us an idea of what we want in our ident what times things should appear and when we are editing it was easier to have our script, schedule and storyboard as having that in front of us showed us when we wanted what music, sounds, flashes, movement at different times and when we experimented with it what we needed to change and where we where changing it too.

I learnt and developed a few new skills, like learning about simple edits in adobe premier and after effect, I learnt new skills with photoshop and lightroom, I learnt from my mistakes with filming about using tripods and having better lighting with the greenscreen and the live film itself. I learnt how to form a screenplay, storyboard and schedule for an ident as well.

In our 3D Fabrication Workshop we accidentally broke the hand dew to the metal being to strong, in the end this turned out to be good as we drilled it out and used a thicker aluminum wire and glued down the fingers better as if it had broken in the sculpted hand it would have ruined the hand. I struggled with my image manipulation workshop and sometimes I over-layered them wrong however sometimes it turned out good and I just needed to add in another white layer to sort out my mistake and make sure the background was white and didn’t turn pink or a cream colour.

The workshop I enjoyed the most was making the hand and creating my photos, the hand was enjoyable dew to learning new skills which I’d never done before but it was very time consuming which I didn’t enjoy however my photos after watching a youtube video and the first one taking 3 hours to understand they only took 10 minutes each to compose afterwards and I just think they look really good I enjoy making them and experimenting with a variety of different photos and techniques and I enjoy the end product after experimenting.


Our storyboard follows some of the script, schedule and storyboard however we changed some things within the editing process, we added more sounds like, doors opening and closing, we changed the movement of some of the hands, we included giggles, tv sound effects and rearranged the times within the schedule and instead of flashing the lights on and off we added a TV screen that is fuzzy.

We met all of our deadlines from what I know we had our work completed and finished before the end deadline and stayed on top of some of our work however next time a bit better time management with our final piece would probably be a good target for me for my FMP. I am happy with the end result of our ident and I don’t think it gives that jumpy feeling we wanted however it gives of a creepy atmosphere, an unsettling feeling so I do think our ident was successful. What went well with this ident is the sounds and music within the ident are really good and are composed well for example the giggles before the TV goes off and the music fits right in with the setting of the ident. What went wrong with the ident was how we wasted three hours not knowing what to do with the software we struggled at first however we got the hang of the software later on.

What I enjoyed the most out of the project was creating the ident and seeing the final product looking as good as it did made us feel very successful in what we had done. We also enjoyed creating our 3D Fabrication and sculpting and painting it and we enjoyed filming and doing facial make-up and we enjoyed taking photos.

We could have probably managed our time better than we did inside and outside of class as it took us quite a while to get motivated in the beginning which then influenced us to create a questionnaire which gave us ideas of what to do and inspired us to get to work on our ident. If I had to do this project again I would probably manage my time better by not leaving our ident till last minute and doing the drawings and things earlier than the night before the deadline.



Final Ident

We used Adobe Premier for our ident, it took a lot of editing as we had to edit the size of the hands off the green screen onto our live film, we then manipulated these to change the size and angle of the hands we also edited the movement of the hands so they moved in different directions moved at different times and made sure they faded in and out at different times during the ident.

We also added the music into the background which we cropped and edited to make sure the sounding was right and fitted in when we wanted it too. We also had to edit in the sounds and fade these sounds in and out and crop them and slow them down to make sure they fitted then place them along the ident to what fitted best.

We also made the girl go back and forth within the ident by cropping and pasting images on adobe premier we then added a TV fuzz in between to add a creepy effect to make it look as if the girl was possessed and was making weird supernatural occurences happen.

Ident music and sounds


This is the music we are using in the background of our ident, we are planning to use the music at 1 minute 15 and 1 minute 35 on this video, we will continuously play this music throughout our ident for the whole 20 seconds.


Children scream sound effect-

We are using this at the end of the ident when the girl appears.

TV static sound effect

We are using this when the lights flash on and off as if there is a glitch.

Opening and closing door-

Different trailers research


This is the trailer of the grudge. This is a successful trailer as it is a short video of small events which happen through the movie it doesn’t show very long clips of what the grudge is or what it really looks like to put you on edge instead it shows very fast clips of a disturbingly white face crawling and the women that is being haunted it also shows the young boy which looks slightly supernatural as you can see quick flashes of it in the elevator and the flash of it in the window behind the man. The music is subtle and deliberately changes the tone and composition of it when the haunted disturbing face flashes slightly on screen. This inspired us me with the ident with the music changed the slight change in atmosphere as something bad is going to happen the creepy facial make-up also inspired us with our work and the jagged slow movement as the ghost moves also inspired us as well. ┬áThis trailer also gives off a creepy atmosphere due to the realistic features behind it as there is a forest out there called the suicide forest and it’s known to be like the forest in the trailer so the trailer has some realistic features to it.

This is the trailer of the forest, this is a successful trailer as it shows quite a lot of the trauma that will be witnessed within the movie and it explains why they are in the forest and how dangerous it can be. These all contribute towards making this a good movie as the sounds within the trailer intensely change just before and during a traumatic event. Also within the trailer the movement is very Jagger’s and it flashes suddenly from one event to the other, the trailer also has quite a scary dialogue when the main actor shouts ‘you’re not real’ continuously. The trailer is also disturbingly scary dew to the creepy hands which inspired us to use hands within our project and this also gave us our original idea of using a forest for filming however we didn’t know if we would find a forest with a path around and feel safe in the dark filming so we decided to use a corridor.

This trailer helped with our ident, as the young girl we got inspiration from dew to the young boy in this movie and the idea of the doll gave me the idea of my first doll photos as dolls possess a quite creepy feeling. The music in this trailer change when something traumatic is going to happen, this trailer also flashes from one incident to another like the trailer of The Forest this also gave us the idea of just having the possessed on and off the screen moving so you can’t see her actual movement on the camera and you don’t know where she is until she’s moved.

The Conjuring

This movie contributed towards a few of our ident scenes, which include the young girl and how she moves very edgy and creepy movement, this movie also helped us with our ideas with the creepy corridors and the jumping scenes which are demonstrated in some of the clips below-

The trailer and movie are based on a true story and the trailer is as daunting as the movie. In the trailer it shows traumatizing events that effect an innocent family, there are many creepy unexpected scenes and the little innocent giggles and creepy voices coming from the spirits makes it worse. We are planning on using the idea of giggles and putting it in our ident as it adds a creepy atmosphere and makes out as if a child is being mischievous is a sign of something bad is about to happen in most horror movies.

The unsettling darkness among the corridors also was another thing that inspired us within our ident ideas as we wanted to bring a creepy and scary atmosphere with our ident and taking ideas like the giggles and the dark corridors will help with us building up ideas and creating that atmospheric feeling we are looking for.



The Woman In Black

The director of this movie was James Watkins, the movie is about a young lawyer that where he travels to a village that he finds is being haunted by a ghost who is terrorizing the locals and killing their children in disturbing ways. Throughout the movie the main character tries to help the locals and help the vengeful women behind the murders to try and get her to stop.

This is the beginning of The Women in Black, the beginning is brilliant at being creepy as it doesn’t show the Woman in but it just shows three girls jumping out of a window to their deaths and you then here their mother scream. This is a good beginning to a movie as it just shows the power of this entity that is in the haunting of the movie.

This is the trailer to the movie, we looked at The Women in Black as it contains children and creepy corridors and as we originally wanted in our ident a corridor and a person we decided to look into this movie and see if there were any ideas we could take from it. This movie helped as it had dark lighting the Women in Black is not very frequently on camera however when she is she jumps out at you when you least expect it, the music in the background changes it’s composition when nothing scary is going to happen so you expect it however nothing happens then when you least expect it the women’s there.

These are a few screenshots I took from the movie, these show how with the women dressed in black she blends into the shadows around her, this must have been very thought out as her wearing black doesn’t just show that she is mourning for her son that died it also makes her blend into the shadows making it more difficult for her to be seen when in the movie. The facial make-up gives the women a pale complexion, her eyes are dark and her face is cracked, this gives her a look of death and dis-spare as if she is still feeling the pain continuously of losing her son even when she is dead.

These photos are examples of the dim lighting, low mood atmosphere, very dark shadows, overgrown gardens and a slightly visible black figure that lurks in the shadows.