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H.R.Giger clay and plastic mask

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My mask is of a face sculpture which I took from somebodies face. I then used clay to make it look more like my face, I shaped and modeled the face then started to add the snakes and tubes into the face and hair. I was inspired by the Ancient Greek god myth Medusa and I am very pleased with what I produced.

After I formed my face out of clay, I added detail to make them look more like snakes and for it to be in Gigers style more as he is hugely famous for sculpting and the detail he puts in his sculptures.

After I finnished with the clay vaccum packed my clay head into black plastic.



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H.R.Giger is an amazing sci-fi artist who ranges from furniture, film costumes/masks, CD covers and set scenes for movies. He is really famously known for his Alien films and Polytheseus. The Alien films resulted in H.R.Giger winning an oscar because of his amazing costumes/masks he made and how believable they were.

My first impression of Gigers work is how realistic his work is. What captures my attention is the detail and how he is inspired by snakes, mechanics and his work doesn’t just look alienated as he includes human features. I love how detailed he makes everything and when he merges human features with it it makes up come to life more as if he is showing that not only is this person possessed by alienated things but also is Giger.

Gigers work makes me feel excited and quite disturbed. This is because of the amazing detail he includes but also because of the ideas and different things he puts on his creations like tubes down peoples throats.

Gigers work is slightly portrait as he looks at the human face and form for inspiration but most of his work is based on fantasy and alienated creatures, his work is also slightly abstract and realistic because his work is based on human forms and fantasy/alienated creatures.

The story I see behind his work is that he is inspired by the mechanical robot creatures/ alienated creatures, the human face/form and snakes. Giger is also inspired by qrotesque formations for example the film Polytheseus and Alien.

When you use your senses with Gigers work you can actually visualise the creatures coming to life which is visualised in the movies they are in and they are truly terrifying. Giger brings out the fear in his work by using dark, dull colours and using unnatural shapes and figures or using shapes that wouldn’t normally be put/used together as Giger has done with them. He uses a mixture of lines in his work which adds to the details. The colour used in his work is cool and dark, these colours are used to make it look grotesque, haunting and terrifying.

The theme of Gigers work is monsters/aliens as he is obviously fascinated and inspired by the different ideas, shapes and textures you can make an alien and monster into. His theme is also based on snakes as he uses a range of different snake ideas as the hair on some of the creatures he created have snake hair or mechanical hair that take the form of snakes, maybe he was inspired by the Greek Myth Medusa and the different looks she has been translated into.

H.R.Gigers work is amazing and very inspiring, his snakes have inspired me to create my face with snake hair and snakes coming into its mouth and coming out of its face. His work is very effective and needs a high technical skill to make sure his creations work at terrifying us as they do in his films and when you see them out of the film.